Image of The Baby Deal


Image of The Baby Deal
THE BABY DEAL (4.5) by Kat Cantrell: Adrenaline junkie and billionaire entrepreneur Michael (Shay) Shaylin, needs help from Juliana Cane, his old college girlfriend turned child psychologist. Upon the death of his business partners, Shay has been granted guardianship of their baby son. However, he’s at a loss as to how to go about raising a child, and he’s hoping Juliana can help him. While in close proximity, they soon realize that a spark is still there, but will Shay be able to give up his old life in exchange for a new one? The sassy and smart dialogue between hero and heroine is just one of the many things to enjoy about Cantrell’s latest. Delivering a trifecta of heart, humor and hotness, The Baby Deal is a hit.
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch