Struggling security specialist Daisy Parker and Nick Coltrane, photographer to the rich and famous, have quite a history. Daisys mother was briefly married to Nicks father. However, the marriage ended badly with Daisys mother being unmercifully trashed in the tabloids.

One wild night, Daisy learned about growing up the hard way, when she slept with Nick, who raced out the following morning. Now nine years later, Nick needs Daisys expertise. Nick has inadvertently photographed a very powerful man in a compromising position. In the background of one of Nicks wedding shots, J. Fitzgerald Douglass is seen making out with a younger woman, who is not his wife. Douglass wants to be an ambassador, and those pictures could ruin his hopes. However, instead of asking Nick for the pictures, Douglass sends two goons to break into the studio and retrieve them.

As fate would have it, Nicks sister Maureen has gotten herself into a financial mess and unless Nick can come up with a lot of money, Maureen could go to jail. Nick decides to break his code of honor and sell the photos to the tabloids. That is if he and the photos can stay in one piece.

At first, Daisy is tempted to toss Nick out of her office, but since she needs the work, she decides maybe they can put aside their differences. Now if only that pesky sexual attraction can stay under wraps. Fat chance!

BABY DON'T GO is the newest madcap and humorous romp by award-winning author Susan Andersen. Ms. Andersen has an unbeatable knack for telling great stories with loads of fun. (May, 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith