Image of A Baby by Easter (Love Inspired)


Image of A Baby by Easter (Love Inspired)

A BABY BY EASTER (4) by Lois Richer: Susannah Wells comes to Tucson   and gets a job as caregiver to David Foster’s sister, Darla, 19, who has   the mentality of a girl half her age   due to a head injury. David resents   the fact that Susannah is pregnant when he has been denied the wife   and family that he longs for, but he is drawn to her and realizes she is good for Darla. However, Susannah, who was conned into believing she was married, doesn’t believe God means for her to love, because she’s not worth loving. The second in the Love for All Seasons series has a hero who must trust God’s love and a heroine who learns that God is love.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley