Image of Baby in His Arms (Love Inspired\Whisper Falls)


Image of Baby in His Arms (Love Inspired\Whisper Falls)
BABY IN HIS ARMS (4) by Linda Goodnight: After hearing that God answers prayers spoken under Whisper Falls, a desperate single mother prays for a loving family for the baby she plans to abandon. Pilot Creed Carter finds the baby, and she is placed in foster care with Haley Blanchard. Creed views Haley as a flaky hippie, and she sees him as an arrogant flyboy. Because of her past, Haley fears having children, but Creed feels a bond with the baby since he was also adopted. However, a health scare causes both Haley and Creed to reevaluate what they think is truly important. Part of the Whisper Falls series, the characters in Goodnight’s latest serve as a strong reminder that God’s plans are larger than ours.
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Leslie McKee