Schoolteacher Catherine MacPherson has spent her life mopping up the messes left by her impetuous and impulsive twin sister Kaylee. This time, however, Kaylee has really done it. She has been arrested for car theft in Miami, and after overhearing a murder-for-hire plot, jumps bail and heads for Catherine's home in Seattle.

Bounty Hunter Sam McKade can't believe his luck when he gets a glimpse of Kaylee boarding a plane for Seattle. The recovery fee on her bail will allow Sam to make the down payment on the property he has been wanting to purchase. When Sam finally gets his hands on "Kaylee," he refuses to believe that he has grabbed the wrong sister.

Catherine is having a very bad day: first, the tour company that was arranging her trip to Europe folds, taking with it all her money; then a macho idiot who won't listen to reason grabs her at the airport. In typical Kaylee fashion, Catherine is left holding the bag.

This time, however, Kaylee has second thoughts when she realizes what could happen to her sister. She demands that her bouncer boyfriend Bobby La Bon take her to follow and rescue Catherine. She knows that her former employer, Hector Sanchez, had his henchman Jimmy "Chains" Slovak knock off a troublesome dancer once. She needs protection because Chains' orders are to make sure that "Kaylee" never reaches Miami alive.

With money tight, Sam is forced to take Catherine back to Florida via Greyhound. Her inventive stalling tactics and the passion that explodes ensure that this will be one wild ride.

Madcap adventure and sizzling sexual tension make for an explosive and fun-filled combination in Susan Andersen's magnificent novel. If you have never had the pleasure of savoring one of Ms. Andersen's novels, now is your chance. Don't miss all the sexy, snazzy fun! (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith