Image of Baby Proof


Image of Baby Proof
Claudia and Ben are the idyllic New York married couple. Head over heels in love, they've wanted the same things from their relationship since day one. But when Ben starts pressuring Claudia to have a baby, everything spirals out of control. Quicker than either one can say "divorce," that's precisely what is happening.

Claudia, a high-powered book editor, moves in with Jess, her dating-a-married-man best friend. At 35, Claudia is at that point where her siblings and friends are having babies, trying to have babies or trying to find partners with whom to have babies. Determined to move on with her life, she starts dating Richard, a serial bachelor colleague, and soon wonders whether she's prepared to sacrifice her own desires to get back together with the man of her dreams.

After her first two books in the series became New York Times bestsellers, Giffin had her work cut out for her with her next novel. The writing and characters are genuine and solid, but the spark that was in Something Borrowed and Something Blue is missing. When Claudia mentions her aversion to having kids, it's as if she's expecting backlash, and she's constantly making apologies.
Giffin's latest does have its share of charm; it's just disappointing when an author takes on a somewhat controversial subject and, instead of tackling it head-on, takes the easy way out. (Jun., 352 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg