In Julia James' latest romantic story Baby of Shame (4), Rhianna Davies and Greek tycoon Alexis Petrakis share one incredible night of passion that ends very messily. Five years later, when Alexis discovers from a social worker that Rhianna has been injured in a car accident and that they have a son together that needs his care, Alexis jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Angry beyond belief and protective of his son, Alexis takes control. As he whisks Rhianna and their son to his private Greek island, it isn't long before he begins to doubt his preconceptions about the beautiful mother of his child. Soon, both Alexis and Rhianna must confront the possibility that not only were they wrong about one another, but also that they belong together. Rhianna and Alexis are passionate, well-matched characters whose individual devotion to their son helps to define them as sympathetic characters that the reader will willingly invest in and root for.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider