In Marie Ferrarellas BABY TALK (4), art gallery owner Juliette St. Claire may have a sixth sense when it comes to recognizing quality artwork, but when choosing her Romeo she fails miserablythat is until sexy-as-sin Gabriel Murietta walks through the door. Not only can he paint like a dream; hes a whiz at fixing leaky faucets, jammed doors and broken hearts.

Unfortunately, Gabriel is anything but what he appears. As an undercover agent trying to break up a drug ring operating out of Juliettes gallery, he was only supposed to ascertain the drop off date and report back. Always a cynic where love is concerned, he never imagined he would meet the woman of his dreams and experience fiery passion. Now he must find a way to keep Juliette and her unborn baby out of harms way while completing his assignment.

Gifting readers with her latest installment of Baby of the Month Club, Ms. Ferrarella entertains with captivating characters, a hint of danger and passion. A subplot involving Juliettes mother adds another small layer of interest to an already full-bodied tale.

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen