Image of Baby Under the Mistletoe


Image of Baby Under the Mistletoe

BABY UNDER THE MISTLETOE (4) by Jamie Sobrato: Five-and-a-half months pregnant by her last serious lover, Soleil Freeman is shocked when her career-military ex, West Morgan, returns to her life while home on leave. Wanting to do the right thing -- in spite of Soleil's insistence that they have nothing in common, since she's a biracial hippie farm owner who teaches city kids how to grow things and he's career military -- West soon realizes that love is enough to hold them together, and he's determined to prove it to Soleil. Sobrato offers an engaging tale of two lovers whose relationship is bogged down by racial and social differences. The story is enhanced by the difficulties both Soleil and West are facing in their own families.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay