Woodrow Tanner travels from his secluded ranch to Dallas to tell Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery about the death of her sister and the baby she left behind. He is prepared to deal with a grieving sister, but doesn't expect to escort the doctor back to his ranch so the she can see the baby. Elizabeth can't believe she is feeling attraction for Woodrow. Still, a few days—and nights—alone together at his ranch, dealing with the wide range of emotions his news brings are all it takes for Elizabeth to seek comfort in Woodrow's arms. But a misunderstood comment from another of the Tanner brothers sends her running back to Dallas. Will either Woodrow or Elizabeth overcome their stubborn pride in time to save their love for one another? Peggy Moreland continues her Tanners of Texas series with BABY, YOU'RE MINE (4). Expect more heartfelt characters, a touch of humor and enough burning sensual tension to singe the edge of the pages.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck