Image of The Baby's Guardian


Image of The Baby's Guardian
THE BABY'S GUARDIAN (4.5) by Delores Fossen: Sabrina Carr always seems to be in the middle of disaster. This time she's carrying police captain Shaw Tolbert's baby. Even though Shaw holds Sabrina responsible for his wife's death, she is still the surrogate carrying his child and he is still a cop with a hostage situation to deal with -- and a growing attraction to Sabrina. After a successful rescue, despite the loss of several hostages, including a cop's wife, Shaw keeps Sabrina under wraps until the killers are caught. Investigators try to piece together clues, but attacks on Sabrina escalate. She and Shaw aren't sure who to trust or where they'll be safe. Suspense, charm and a complicated plot keep the action revved up.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper