Image of Bachelor Untamed (Kimani Romance)


Image of Bachelor Untamed (Kimani Romance)

BACHELOR UNTAMED (4) by Brenda Jackson: Ellie takes the summer at Cavannaugh Lake to pack her deceased aunt's belongings. She doesn't count on falling in love with Uriel, who's still bothered by her childish ploy years before and is now even more guarded with women since his parents' divorce. His goal is to remain a bachelor for life, but he proposes a brief affair to Ellie, who agrees so that she can research material to complete the erotic manuscript her aunt was writing at the time of her death. But Uriel's distrust is heightened when he hears part of a conversation and thinks he's being used again. A beautiful setting and interesting and passionate characters combine for a great story.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims