Book two in Palmer's Regency
series is captivating, with genial,
witty characters. The strong-willed,
intelligent heroine is quite a match
for the engaging hero. Readers will
not be able to turn the pages quickly enough to learn the fate of more
than just the hero and heroine.

English housemaid Anne Webster has a brazen plan to save her imprisoned father. Without prayer or thought, she attempts to implement her plan, but the return of the Duke's long-thought-dead eldest son ruins everything.

Ruel Chouteau seeks travel, adventure and gambling, but upon meeting Anne he decides she's the key to the duchy's future happiness. Desperate to free her father, Anne agrees to his bargain. And as Napoleon and his army wreak havoc in Europe, it appears that Anne and Ruel will face their own "Waterloo" -- unless God intervenes. (Tyndale, Oct., 370 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston