Ever since her sickly childhood, Maddie Schaeffer has been coddled and referred to as Baby by nearly everyone in Sugar Bay, Florida. Through Wayne, her husband, Maddie learns to be more adventurous. But Waynes daredevil ways come to a tragic end when he is killed in a boating accident. As he lay dying in her arms, he mentions an angel. Maddie infers that he is going to send her an angel to help heal her broken heart.

A year goes by and Maddie still waits for her Angel to arrive. When her Uncle Barnie hires Chase, a mysterious stranger, to finish building his boat, Maddie becomes convinced that Chase is it. But he has his own problems. Found drifting at sea with no papers and no memory, Chase has no idea who he is.

Maddies family is horrified by her interest in the mysterious stranger. And Chase knows that hes no angel, but he does feel a connection to the fragile Maddie. Discovering Chases true identity is a quest that will teach them both volumes about themselves.

Watching these two wounded souls learn about themselves and each other makes for a wonderful and fulfilling reading experience. (Jan., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith