Image of Back from Hell


Image of Back from Hell

Walker pulls no punches with her new story. Violence, scenes of rape (not between the hero and heroine) and truly vile demons populate it. But the strong bond between sisters Jenai and Stephanie, the emerging love between Ronan and Jenai, and the search for justice add appeal and balance the darker storytelling. The sisters are kick-butt women, and their scenes together are the true stand-out moments.

For years, Jenai has dreamed of a mysterious lover who brings her bliss and pleasure. Ronan has had the same dreams and knows that Jenai is his mate. Unfortunately, he's given an order to either recruit Jenai and Stephanie or eliminate them. As Night Stalkers, the sisters are vigilantes, killing the worst kind of evil. Little does Ronan realize that it's not just Jenai who's in danger but himself. Their meeting is the catalyst for change and danger that sends Jenai and Ronan on a journey filled with harsh violence and a waning hope for a happily-ever-after. (Ellora's Cave, Dec. '05, 191 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern