Lisa and Marc meet under the most stressful of conditions—the clashing of two cultures. Both divorced, they meet during a time of racial turbulence, making a budding relationship between the African-American female and Italian male all the more taboo.

With interference from friends and family who are not always well-intentioned, putting aside the past is painful, and their cultural differences seem overwhelming. But if Lisa and Marc can face their issues head-on, they may have a chance to grasp eternal love.

Intriguing is the only way to describe this novel. This debut author makes it easy to step into the shoes of these sassy, sexy characters. It takes a special talent to tackle a controversial subject and balance it with humor, while still getting a point across. Lisa and Marc are guaranteed to be unforgettable. Coakley–Thompson enters the literary world with a bang. (Sep., 243 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton