Image of Back to Life (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))


Image of Back to Life (Silhouette Nocturne (Numbered))

BACK TO LIFE (4) by Linda O. Johnston: After Angeles Beach SWAT officer Trevor Owens is shot in the neck while chasing a murder suspect who mysteriously disappears, canine officer Skye Rydell, a descendant of Valkyries, uses her powers to make sure he lives. She senses there's something he must still accomplish in his life. Although Skye tries to stay away from Trevor, believing he's suspicious of how he survived, she can't stop the attraction between them. Johnston offers a novel idea for a story, and there's great chemistry between Skye and Trevor. Plus, Skye's reluctance to get involved with Trevor is nicely depicted.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay