At age 44, Lindy Haggerty, a former dancer, is settling into comfortable middle age in the New Jersey suburbs. Her children are grown, her husband loving, and life is good but a trifle boring. Then she gets a phone call from her old friend and fellow dancer, Biddy McFee. Biddy is a dance rehearser for a NJ group performing a show, and Lindy agrees to come to rehearsal.

Lindy finds it wonderful to be backstage again. Biddy asks her to tour with the company and help her with rehearsals. Without hesitating, she agrees. The only irritation is one of the stars of the show, Carlotta Devine, who is a royal pain to work with.

As time goes on, Carlotta upsets everyone. When someone does away with the miserable stage queen, there is a feeling of relief. Still, a murder is a murder, and Lindy finds herself caught up in the investigation. With an insiders knowledge of the people involved, Lindy discovers a shocking secret and a strong motive for murder.

Although it takes a while for the murder to occur, BACKSTAGE MURDER is an enjoyable story that also paints a fascinating picture of theatre life. Lindy Haggerty is realistically drawn, and readers will find it easy to identify with her. (Oct., 320 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg