Kenyon's hardcover debut is fun, fast-paced and full of sexy tough guys who are squishy-soft inside. Steele's in jail for shooting his commanding officer, and Syd needs a sniper who isn't afraid to break the rules. They need each other desperately to save the planet, they're at each other's throats before they've known each other an hour--and they're naked before you know it, all of which is enough for any fan of romantic suspense.

Kenyon writes a snappy little suspense novel, though she treats a very serious subject--nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists--too lightly. She names her super-secret organization the Bureau of American Defense--B.A.D. It's lightweight, but you can tell Kenyon's having fun.

Steele is too handsome for his own good, and he brings his own bad attitude to work with him. Syd can't stop fighting with him, mainly in an effort to keep her hands off him. There are a thousand reasons for them not to act on their attraction--none of them good enough. There's a lot of sass here, and enough quirky characters to support a series. (Sep., 352 pp., $18.00)
Reviewed by: 
Mary Connealy