Image of Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore)


Image of Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore)

When a couple meets, their baggage can be enough to sink any future they might share — even more so when the spotlight of the press is also there from day one. Coming from diametrically opposed lifestyles is another hurdle this couple faces. But the care and affection Jamie and Gavin share is obvious from their first encounter. The sex is intense and graphic, but the characters’ acceptance of their sexual preferences is a welcome change, so that this is a well-written romance that just happens to be between two men.

As a Harbor Police rescue diver, Jamie Donnigan’s life is puttering along fine while he counts down his five years to retirement. Then, he is called in to rescue uber-rich Gavin Montgomery from a fall/jump off a Baltimore bridge. The events that follow put him into constant contact with Gavin, who was actually trying to keep his friend from jumping, and the romance that develops between the two men is as organic as it is unlikely. Gavin’s demeanor is almost indifferent and Jamie is almost hostile, but the two have more in common than not as they navigate their mutual attraction. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 265 pp, $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins