Image of Bad Behavior


Image of Bad Behavior
Delaney Phillips of the Sex and the Supper Club group is in marketing. She's the last of the group not to be married or in a long-term relationship, and she intends to remain that way. When the group's on vacation in Mexico, she meets Dominick Gordon, her eighth-grade boyfriend. Dom's life has been all work for the last five years, but he can't resist Delaney. When he has to leave in two days, Delaney is ready to end it, but Dom finds her, and when Delaney's boss wants her to get his auto-center business, they are together again. Can Dom keep his hands on Delaney and his mind on work at the same time? Bad Behavior (4), by Kristin Hardy, has hot sex, strong emotion, characters you care about and Hardy's usual great writing.
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Page Traynor