Image of Bad Blood: A Novel (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries)


Image of Bad Blood: A Novel (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries)

Fairstein delivers excitement and adventure, although at times you might feel
like you're watching a PBS special
about underground New York, and every character is a walking encyclopedia. Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper and fellow crime-buster Det. Mike Chapman continue to dance around each other; the sex crimes statistics, though sobering, are presented within the context of Alex's court case; and there's even a sojourn in the thick
of the action to Martha's Vineyard, where Alex meets an intriguing Frenchman. There's a little something
for everyone in this solid entry.

While Alex is in court, trying to prove that businessman Brendan Quillian hired a hit man to kill his wife, there's an explosion in one of New York's main water tunnels. The police scramble to discover if it was an act of terrorism, and a connection between the tunnel workers and Quillian develops. Alex and her crew head underground -- in more ways than one -- to get to the bottom of the intertwined cases. (Scribner, Jan., 416 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French