Image of Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1)


Image of Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1)

Super-talented Banks launches the complex and darkly thrilling new Crimson Moon series, which bursts with treachery and supernatural chills. The plot intricacies are carefully woven throughout, but Banks piles on the danger, making this one exciting thrill ride!

Infected with the werewolf virus as a child, Sasha Trudeau has been part of a special government program using drugs designed to control the beast. A member of a special-ops team made up of similarly infected men, Sasha and her team have been on numerous missions to eliminate werewolves. Following one mission, Sasha is approached by something she never believed existed -- a coherent werewolf in human form. What Hunter has to say changes everything, for Sasha learns that nothing is as it appears -- and that her own government may be gunning for her.

(ST. MARTIN'S, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith