Image of Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore)


Image of Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore)

The sex scenes in this novel are explicit and very detailed, allowing the reader to really experience the passion that exists between the characters. This novel also serves as a prime example that relationship issues are the same across the board, whether the couple is made up of a man and woman or two men or two women. The theme of being true to yourself is something all readers can relate to. The low point of this novel is that the author muddies the line between lust and love; with so much carnal pleasure, it may be difficult for readers to find a distinction between hot and heavy sex and true feelings.

Quinn Mahoney knew something was wrong when his boyfriend of 10 years, Peter, started pulling away from him. After Peter reveals that he is leaving to marry a woman carrying his baby, Quinn finds it more than awkward when he is still invited to Peter’s family functions and named the godfather to his child. In an effort to move on with his life, Quinn takes home Eli Wright after meeting him one night in a bar. With more than a decade separating the two, they have little in common except for the need and desire to belong to someone. (SAMHAIN, Nov., 232 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner