Bad boys and sensuality combine in a trio of delicious novellas by the up-and-coming Day.

The earl of Merrick, Sebastian Blake enjoys life as the pirate Captain Phoenix, plundering and pillaging merchant ships. When he captures Olivia's ship, he realizes that while he's been off sailing, his family has married him by proxy to her. There's nothing he'd like better than to scorn his bride, but there's something about Olivia that attracts him like a moth to the flame. Now he's set on making her a wife in more than just name so that they can share some "Stolen Pleasure."

Lady Julienne La Coeur has no choice but to dress as a man to sneak into the gentlemen's clubs where she searches for her wastrel brother. It's just her luck that she attracts the eye of Lucien Remmington, who appears in the first story. The rumors about his ruthless business deals and scandalous bedroom behavior should shock a young lady, but Julienne is intrigued, and Lucien sees her as far too tempting to let go. But can he convince her to marry him in "Lucien's Gamble?"

In the third story, Julienne's brother Hugh has coach problems and he's forced to go to a gloomy mansion rumored to be inhabited by "Her Mad Grace," the Duchess of Glenmoore. Instead he meets her companion, Charlotte Riddleton, and all he wants to do is seduce her. Charlotte desires his seduction, with no strings attached, but Hugh is determined to ferret out her secrets and help her find what she's searching for.

This intertwined triptych is a sensual feast. Day's heroines glory in their femininity and natural desires, and the alpha heroes are ideal men for them. Readers will relish each tale with joy and extreme pleasure. VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin