When American Daisy MacDonnell moves to the Scottish village of Glenbuie, mechanic Kat Henderson takes on Daisy's challenge to take her relationship with her longtime best friend, Brodie Chisholm, to the next level. "Bottoms Up" will lift your heart and the corners of your lips.

Reese Chisholm takes Daisy's marketing proposal personal when she taps into feelings he can't quite control. "On Tap" gives building a partnership to a whole new meaning.

Stark naked amid a midnight storm, Tristan Chisholm rescues American author Bree Sullivan from her submerged car, and they are soon submerged in each other. "Night Watch" is swift and to the point, a romance for everyone.

Kauffman's men are charming, engaging and lifelike, second only to the women who capture their hearts and souls. Their Scottish brogues and sexual prowess will tingle your spine and, overall, this anthology will just make you feel good. (Mar., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen