No sophomore slump for Littlefield! Her second novel featuring Stella Hardesty, empowered avenger of abused women, is just as compelling and addictive as her debut. This time Stella goes to bat for a man and tangles with not one but two potential rivals for the attention of Sheriff “Goat” Jones — one of them his not-quite-ex wife. You’ll race through the pages of this book and then be sorry to leave Stella and her cohorts behind.

A tornado blows through Prosper, Mo., and it leaves more than overturned cars and damaged property in its wake. Just as Goat and Stella’s dinner date starts to get interesting, his ex, Brandy, appears on Goat’s doorstep. Meanwhile, down at the fairgrounds, the snack shack has blown down and there’s a woman’s body encased in the foundation. The lead suspect is Neb Donovan, who poured the foundation a few years ago, back when he was addicted to “hillbilly heroin,” aka Oxycontin. Neb’s wife asks Stella to help clear him, and Stella, aided by her newly computer-savvy employee, Chrissy, does what she can, both legally and not so much. (MINOTAUR, Jun., 304 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French