As one of the two extern nuns in her order, Sister Agatha is used to running around doing errands and taking care of business with the outside world. On this particular day, Sister Agatha is having a rough time of it.

First, the cloister's car breaks down and loses its muffler and then the chaplain for the monastery dies right in front of her eyes. Sister Agatha can't believe that the vivacious Father Anslem is dead. It is even more of a shock when she's told by the police that they suspect foul play. The sheriff, however, is an old boyfriend of Sister Agatha's and holds a grudge against her so she doesn't trust him to do the job by himself. She decides to help investigate—after all, she has God on her side.

BAD FAITH is a good read! Sister Agatha is certainly not a stereotypical nun. At times, she's quite harsh but it's obvious she cares greatly for her religious family. I was more drawn in by the engaging mystery than by the characters, but this is still a very enjoyable story. (Nov., 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer