It's wonderful when a woman finds a man who can unleash her inner wild side. And as these three bridesmaids discover, there's no more romantic a place to work it all out than at someone else's wedding. Carr's stories are full of well-matched characters, exhibitionist-style lovemaking and some wedding faux pas that are sure to entertain married and single women alike.

Worn-out bridesmaid Kelsey Morgan needs an excuse to ditch her bridezilla, and gigolo Zack Cooper is it. "Serial Bridesmaid on the Loose" is fun and witty.

Maid of honor Tara Watkins is reliving the worst night of her life in a vow renewal ceremony, and the repeat best man, Luke Sullivan, isn't making it any easier. "The Bridesmaid's Diaries" excites with outdoor sex scenes.

Former wedding wrecker Amber Hughes is trying to stay out of hot water at her best friend's wedding, but when usher Joshua Griffin offers to help, she knows she's going to get burned. "Wedding Wrecker" is sassy. (Signet Eclipse, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen