Image of Bad Glass


Image of Bad Glass

The terror of this dark fantasy lies in Gropp’s grotesque creatures, who are grounded in reality, the result of a plausible scenario of what could happen if science turned on humanity. A contemporary horror tale supplemented with harrowing descriptions of “found footage,” Bad Glass is a disturbing yet immensely entertaining story about the beginning of the end of modern society.

Spokane, Wash., is quarantined after an unidentified biological disaster infects the city, causing its residents to see, hear and feel disturbing things that can’t be explained. But that doesn’t stop amateur photographer Dean Walker from sneaking into the town with hopes of documenting and sharing the bizarre occurrences. Dean teams up with a group of young misfits who are struggling to discover the reason behind the city’s collapse and maintain their sanity. Tangled in a web of government cover-ups, Dean and his friends are torn between uncovering the truth or escaping Spokane before they’re consumed by the city. (DEL REY, Oct., 432 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna