Vivid secondary characters, well-developed subplots and inventive settings enliven this opposites-attract love story. Paige Favreau's life has been more conservative than most of the other characters in the Sex and the Supper Club miniseries. Paige's been careful to protect her reputation for the sake of her well-known family. Zach Reed looks like a sexy bandit, but he's actually a musician whose career is on a downturn -- not Paige's type at all. But an auto accident involving her grandfather and his grandmother leaves them neighbors, as each cares for the older relative. Paige's grandfather is appalled that Zach's grandmother -- a former pinup girl -- wants to open a burlesque museum in their neighborhood. Romantic sparks fly in Bad Influence (4.5) by Kristin Hardy, and the heat is intense.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers