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From the moment he heard about the scheme to hire a psychic to find the lost master key to the town of Egypt, Missouri, Police Officer Daniel Sinclair knew it was a very bad idea. However, Police Chief and new age dabbler Jo Bennett is certain this idea will work. After all, hadnt this Cleo Tyler person helped police in California find a missing child?

Cleo has second, third and fourth thoughts about her decision to accept the job in Egypt. Despite what the papers say, Cleo does not consider herself a psychic. However, since the car accident which killed her fianci and caused her miscarriage, Cleo has experienced disturbing visions.

While Jo Bennett welcomes Cleo warmly, Daniel makes his distrust and skepticism very plain. Daniel knows a con job when he sees one, and he is not about to see the town get rooked. As Cleo makes her first attempts to locate the missing key, she senses dark currents running beneath the placid surface of this quiet little town. All Cleos instincts are screaming for her to skip town while she can, but Daniel is not about to let that happen. When she agreed to take this job, Cleo never dreamed it could wind up being fatal.

As she has done so many times before, Theresa Weir uses her unique storytelling ability to deliver a first-rate novel filled with emotion, deft characterization and a few chills. (July, 288 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith