The McBride Menaces are back! Trace and Jenny McBride have left on their belated honeymoon leaving Traces twin brother, Tye, to care for the girls, who have matchmaking plans on their minds.

Marriage-shy Tye has a different idea; to stay single, until a strange set of circumstances throws him together with Claire Donovan.

After running out on her wedding, Claire Donovan sets up a bakery in Ft. Worth, right underneath the McBrides home. She concocts delicious baked goods, using the family formula known as Magic.

Due to the Menaces madcap mishaps, Tye and Claire become friends. Tye blames his unexpected fondness for Claire on Magic. Hes positive its an aphrodisiac; thats the only way he can explain his powerful attraction to Claire.

When it looks like he may lose guardianship of the girls, Tye proposes a marriage in name only. But when Claire jilted her fianci, the hometown banker, everyone believed her family had baked a bad luck wedding cake, and they now face financial ruin unless Claire marries her betrothed.

With her familys reputation and future at stake, Claire has to find a way to prove that there is no such thing as a BAD LUCK WEDDING CAKE and that marriage to her is just what Tye needs.

This funny, fast paced romance is a joy to read both for those who loved The Bad Luck Wedding Dress and for those meeting the McBrides for the first time. Geralyn Dawson has written a laugh-out-loud tale with a few tears and a big sigh at the end. Another keeper. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager