Miss Jenny Fortune is determined to make her own way as a dressmaker in Fort Worth, Texas, and it seems she is going to be a success until everyone begins to believe the wedding dress she made for two sisters has brought them bad luck. Now not only is her credibility as a dressmaker in jeopardy, but her life in danger.

Travis McBride, owner of one of the rowdy cattle-and-outlaw town's saloons, knows that his three little girls adore "Missfortune" even though everyone else calls them the McBride Menaces. So when it looks like Jenny's in trouble and the girls decide to help her, Travis is unwittingly pulled into their schemes.

The only way Jenny can win back her clientele is to prove that the dress isn't bad luck by wearing it herself. But soon it seems that bad luck is stalking Jenny, and Travis will have to do more than protect her; he'll have to marry her. And that's just the beginning of trying to turn the bad-luck wedding dress into the good-luck wedding dress.

THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS is the feel-good book of the month. The wonderfully funny, poignant romance has just the right balance of humor, sensuality and engaging characters to make it a treasure. Ms. Dawson has written a book that gives you that warm glow. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin