At 16, Sarah Simpson married 18-year-old Nicholas Ross. On the heels of a disastrous wedding night, Nicholas is accused of fathering another young womans child, and then receives a letter stating he has inherited the English title of the Marquess of Weston.

Ten years later, Sarah receives a letter from Nick demanding she come to England. Though they are still married, they have only corresponded over the years. He has not planned to introduce her as his wife to his family; in fact, he wants to ask for an annulment. At least thats what he thinksuntil he spends some time with Sarah.

While pursuing love again, Nick and Sarah begin investigating a plot to set off a bomb at the Queens Jubilee. The arrival of the McBride clan makes everything more interesting, but it isnt until Sarah turns up missing that Nick realizes the depth of his love for her.

THE BAD LUCK WEDDING NIGHT is wonderfully funny and touching by turns: trademark Geralyn Dawson. This page-turner reunites readers with her wonderful characters from two series, and though Sarah may seem to be a weaker heroine than many of Ms. Dawsons women, her fans will adore this gem. SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager