Author Eileen Dreyer, whose wonderfully witty, sarcastic and powerful suspense novels have garnered devoted fans everywhere, returns with what promises to be her break-out suspense novel, BAD MEDICINE.

With her own unique blend of dark humor, complex motivations and riveting suspense, Eileen Dreyer is a very tough act to beat. Molly Burke is an extraordinary character whose life experiences have made her a woman performing a delicate balancing act with mental and emotional stability. A nerve-shattering suspense.

Five St. Louis attorneys have inexplicably committed suicide within days of each other. The question asked by most of the hospital staff is, who cares? But Molly Burke, Death Investigator and Grace Hospital Trauma Nurse, questions the connection after the brother of one of the victims insists that something is terribly wrong.

In order to investigate all potential clues, Molly is forced to deal with her legal nemesis, Attorney Frank Patterson, the man who successfully pursued a malpractice case against her. There may be a connection between the suicides and the newly-awarded riverfront gambling contract, as City Comptroller Pearl Johnson was one of the first attorneys to die. But as Molly digs deeper, she also discovers a disturbing connection between a powerful drug company and her own Grace Hospital.

(July, 354 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith