Returning to Kansas City forces Special Investigator Eric Keaton to face painful memories. Years ago, Eric lost his brother and fiance to a bombing that could have been prevented. This time, he is there to investigate the Rose Pageant serial killer.

Someone has been killing Pageant contestants the past few years. While the police and FBI have a suspect, Eric's instincts lead him to the Anthony family, the Pageant's underwriters. Eric's investigation could be hampered by Eric's boss' friendship with Alex Anthony. Eric knows his instincts are right the moment he meets Alex's daughter Christi. The murdered girls bear a striking resemblance to her. Obviously she is the true focus of the killer.

Sent overseas to keep her out of harm's way, Christi returns determined that no other girls are murdered. Unfortunately, the clever killer is one step ahead, and the Rose Pageant loses another contestant.

Christi and Eric's burgeoning relationship adds extra urgency to the case, as Eric races to put all the pieces of this deadly puzzle together.

Donna Julian's name can be added to the list of authors who excel at delivering wonderfully intriguing and emotionally complex thrillers. Another winner. (Jan., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith