Holly Jones left New Orleans and put her sordid past behind her, but when she learns an old friend is in danger, she returns to help— a move that jeopardizes her life. To find the vicious French Quarter Killer who is stalking prostitutes, she must team up with run-down, boozy lawyer J.D. Damascus.

Katherine Sutcliffe's BAD MOON RISING is a dark and gritty story of the underbelly of New Orleans and of politics. Her characters are all mired in various kinds of misery, and it's unclear who is good, dependable or sane.

The mystery keeps you guessing until the end, but an unsophisticated narrative style— heavy exposition, overusage of adverbs, switching between points of view mid-paragraph, too much explicit description of emotions and reactions— mars an otherwise richly plotted suspense novel. (Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo