Longtime fans of Kenyon's ever-expanding series will be thrilled to
see star-crossed lovers Fang Kattalakis and Aimee Peltier finally get their
story. Over the course of the Dark-Hunter series, Kenyon has woven
in numerous story threads that,
when combined, reveal a dangerous
tapestry. In the series timeline,
events from this book are sandwiched
in among previous titles. Hang on
tight. Kenyon is about to stir in even
more world-shaking complications.

Wolf werehunter Fang is already dangerously attracted to Bearswan Aimee when he's nearly killed by daimons. Fang's brothers believe he's in a coma, but through a dream Aimee learns that the daimons have stolen pieces of Fang's soul and he's trapped in the nether realm. To save Fang, Aimee must kill the daimons who attacked him.

As Fang battles to stay alive, he bargains with his very soul to save Aimee. With dark treachery afoot, no one is safe, and both Fang and Aimee's families could face death and destruction. (ST. MARTIN'S, Aug., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith