Debut author Linda McMaken shines with her contemporary romance set in the plains of Wyoming. Abby and Joe are the definition of "opposites attract", she's a vegetarian and used to urban living and he's a brooding cowboy. Readers will enjoy the way that the chemistry between them starts as a slow flame that gradually builds up to a four-alarm fire, making the progress of Abby and Joe's relationship very believable. The pacing of the story is top-notch and there is an abundance of conflict, which will keep readers turning the page.

Abby Clark is a punk rock back-up singer with the worst luck ever. After being dropped into a tiny town in Wyoming without money or a change of clothing, Abby takes a job as a ranch cook to earn enough cash to make it back to L.A. There she experiences a huge culture shock. But despite her ineptness at her new duties, Abby soon grows to love the people who have accepted her into their world, despite her clueless and clumsy ways. Now all she wants is to get the grouchy, but sexy, cowboy Joe Baer to feel the same way about her as the rest of the town does ... (DESERT BREEZE, August 2011, dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman