Dillion and Caleb’s story completely steals the show. These dynamic men are caught in an epic power struggle. Dillion, a lawman, fights inner demons while Caleb is just downright sexy. Unfortunately, this couple's interactions are treated as the secondary plot, with Farris and Bailey's lukewarm romance taking up the bulk of the book. With a mystery disease to figure out and several more mates to corral, Dillion has his work cut out for him. And even though this is story falls a bit flat, fans of m/m romance will want to get in on the ground floor of MacLeod's new series.

In a world of only men, Sheriff Dillion McBride has inherited the seven Morgan brothers. He their master, feeding off of their blood and organizing work for them on his farm. But as a good master, he must also find mates for them. The first suitable mate he finds is perfect for the youngest brother, Bailey. Dillon must lead Bailey and his thrall, Farris, through the first steps of courtship. As the sheriff he must also try to figure out how to control a new virus that threatens the population of his planet. All while fighting the biggest taboo: his forbidden attraction to Morgan brother Caleb. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Jan., dl., $5.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak