For Maddie Fitzgerald, tomorrow's presentation could spell success for her fledgling advertising agency. Maddie and employee Jon Carter are in New Orleans to pitch a proposal to a pet-food manufacturer. But the night before their meeting, Maddie is assaulted and nearly killed in her hotel room.

FBI agent Sam McCabe and his partner, E.P. Wynne, have been chasing a murderous ghost all across the country. This killer calls Sam and gives oblique clues, though never enough for them to save the intended victim. This time they may have caught a break. Two Maddie Fitzgeralds stayed at the Holiday Inn; one is dead and the other successfully fought off the killer.

Though she's relieved to be alive, Maddie doesn't want to get involved with the FBI. But Sam is one determined man, and he may be right in assuming that the killer will be back to finish the job. Maddie has spent a long time building a new life far away from the violence and danger of her past; is it now about to come crashing down?

Using her patented blend of humor, drama, passion and suspense, Robards aces another novel. Maddie and Sam are two extremely likeable and compelling characters, which makes this a love affair worth rooting for. Terrific as always. (Jul., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith