Jaffarian’s administrative assistant to a contingent of California vampires is not only funny and charming, she’s as confused as anybody in the real world. This is good, cheeky fun with a solid mystery, loads of possible villains and a genuinely sexy romp on the fang side.

Madison Rose has been living with her undead hosts for a few weeks when she finds a dead man in the pool. The guy in the pool is a nearly assassinated vampire, and she literally has to wake the dead to take care of the problem. Then a second vamp is tossed onto the property. So, who’s murdering LA vampires and trying to set up her elderly vampire hosts? While each vamp is branded with the mark of a femme fatale who’s used it for centuries, the lady in question swears she’s innocent. Is she being framed? Or are Madison’s new friends under attack from another enemy? (MIDNIGHT INK, Sep., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper