This intricate and sexy novel
brings romance and sexuality to
a new level. The heroine is strong enough to face life's difficulties, yet
still wish for a whimsical, romantic love. As the relationship develops,
the love scenes become progressively sexier and more intensely emotional. Sweeping landscapes, sensitive characters and attention to detail make this spicy read striking.

Turning state's evidence against her boss made Jane a pariah in the business community. Rediscovering sewing has been a way to make ends meet. It also leads her to a magical tapestry that transports her to a parallel world, where she's destined to fulfill the prophecy for the men of the House of Bakra.

In the distant world of Javara, where women are scarce, the magical tapestry brings mates for the men of the planet. Zaren and Bador must pleasure Jane -- separately and together -- so that she can choose between them. In a world that resembles the Middle Ages, Jane will have to redefine herself in order to prosper. If afraid, she can use the loophole embedded in the magic tapestry to return to what is familiar. (, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart