Veteran Harlequin Presents author Graham offers a quickly paced story
with a lovely setting and a deliciously wicked hero. Harriet can be a bit of a doormat, and things occasionally get
a little melodramatic, but the book is
basically enjoyable.

When Harriet Carmichael's life implodes -- she loses her job and finds her fiance in bed with her sister -- she plans to start over on the horse farm she inherited in the small Irish town of Ballyflynn. What waits for Harriet in Ireland isn't quite what she's expecting, nor is it what the partner she has also inherited, Rafael Flynn, expects.

The notorious, supermodel-dating tycoon is just a man like any other, except he's more attractive and devious than most. Harriet can't quite believe that Rafael's attracted to her, but she falls under his spell anyway, even knowing that she's not a fling kind of girl and he's definitely not into marriage. (HARLEQUIN, Jan., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer