Fans will rush to the bookstores to buy this latest treasure from the Regency genre's most dazzling incomparable.

It is the mark of her love for her beloved brother that Miss Clarissa Beresfont is willing to marry a man she has never met in return for a marriage settlement that will save her sibling from bankruptcy. But even the most courageous of females might balk at the bizarre welcome she receives from her bridegroom at his bleak castle in the wilds of Northumberland, near the Scottish border. Clarissa, however, is determined to make the best of her new life in spite of Alexander St. John Sinclair's eccentric behavior.

The Earl of Balmorrow has his own reasons for pursuing this marital alliance, even though he has sworn never to marry again. He understands what he owes to the Beresfont family, even if the current generation of Beresfonts does not. But it's a bad time to take a wife, especially one who can be used by his enemies to frame him for regicide. Can he put his heart, as well as his life, in her hands?

Ms. Lansdowne creates another spectacular hero for our outstanding reading pleasure. Filled with triumphant love, delicious laughter and dashing adventure, this fabulous Regency romance will win every reader's heart. (July, 287 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer