Image of Balthazar (Evernight)


Image of Balthazar (Evernight)

Gray is back with an all-new book starring Evernight character Balthazar. While not as engaging as other Evernight titles, this is still a good read. There is some romance and a whole lot of action, but what is missing is that hook at the beginning to reel readers in. Things do eventually pick up speed, and Balthazar delivers by the end. With a sweet yet heart-wrenching romance, this is a great book for readers who love Gray’s characters and want to see what becomes of them.

Now that the drama of Evernight Academy is done, everyone can live in peace, right? Wrong! Balthazar is a vampire, and while at Evernight Academy he met Skye Tierney. Skye is very much human but possesses some special skills — she is a psychic. These powers get her into trouble, especially once she catches the eye of Balthazar’s master vampire. Now it is up to Balthazar to protect Skye, all while being haunted by memories of the past. (HARPERTEEN, Mar., 384 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780061961182, HC, 12 & Up)
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Meera Patel