Image of Bandit Lawman, Texas Bride


Image of Bandit Lawman, Texas Bride

Finch has made her reputation on wonderfully realistic and humorous westerns filled with biting repartee and nonstop action. She’s at her finest with this action-packed tale of a lawman and a spitfire.

Cassie Bixby worked hard for her money and she wasn’t about to let a trio of bank-robbing banditos steal it without a fight. Disguised as bandits, Marshal Jackson Culpepper and his brothers have robbed the bank to expose the owners as embezzlers. All would have gone off without a hitch except for that hellcat, Cassie. As an independent-minded women’s rights advocate, Cassie is determined to see the outlaws captured and insists on helping Jackson with his investigation by writing articles for the local paper. He has to find a way to keep her busy and out of his hair, but she’s already gotten under his skin. Their relationship sizzles as the investigation heats up, but neither realize the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into until it’s almost too late. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 280 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin