Take one reluctant bank robber and an even more surprised hostage and you get a warm-hearted, humorous and loving romp.

All Quinn Hawkins wants is the money to save the family ranch. He never means to rob the bank in quite the way it looks, and he certainly never anticipates colliding with a strange woman and having to take her hostage.

Winifred Matthews has dreamed of the day she'd arrive in Yellow Dog to take up her teaching position. But her dime novels never prepared her for the reality of being taken captive by an outlaw-especially one as kind, handsome and sensual as Quinn.

While on the run, "Fred" and Quinn forge a powerful friendship built on mutual respect and sweet passion. They make quite a pair as they hide out, become adoptive parents to two orphaned children and even get married. But nothing is more surprising then what happens when the law catches up to them and Quinn stands trial.

THE BANDIT'S LADY is the kind of charming romance that will make you laugh and leave you with a smile. It is no wonder Maureen Childs is one of the foremost names in Americana romance. Here's one more book that will take your breath away and then return it with love and laugher. SWEET (Dec., 355 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin