In this first book of the Eden Trilogy, Keary Taylor weaves an action-packed story that introduces a refreshing and unique dystopian world with engaging characters. Though some plot and character developments happen a little too quickly, the story moves forward at an enjoyable pace and the ending sets the sequel in motion. With enough action and romance to keep any reader on the edge of their seats, The Bane is a definite must-read!

Eve has heard the stories of how TorBane was meant to save lives and how the technology grew out of control, turning people into living machines known as The Bane. But Eve doesn’t remember life before The Bane existed or before she came to Eden, a colony of human survivors. She would do anything to protect the people she’s grown to call family, but when West stumbles into their lives, Eve begins questioning herself and those around her. West is keeping secrets, secrets about Eve, and in the end, she’ll have to decide who to trust and just how far she’s willing to go to save those she loves. (SELF-PUBLISHED, March 2013, 352 pp., $13.99, ISBN: 9780615769806, PB, 15 & Up)

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Reviewed by: 
DJ DeSmyter